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The Empty Girlfriends have emerged from the holiday madness to bring you a brand new episode with your favorite Cuban-American, South Florida born ladies man, Adrian P. Mesa! We get into how Adrian's passion for the culinary arts affects his stand-up comedy as well as his take on love. We also explore how Adrian smells so damn good and he shares the most awe-inspiring Obscure Sexual Fantasy we've heard yet. Enjoy! Check out Adrian on twitter @mesadilla and on his own podcast Three Course Comedy. 

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This week we have Noah Gardenswartz, Denver native, and awesome comedian via New York and Atlanta. Noah talks about the role that love and relationships do and do not play in his life. We discuss the complexities of interracial dating, and Haley and Christie ponder the state of their lives after a night of Saved By The Bell and psychadelics. Check out Noah Gardenswarz in New York and all over the country and on twitter @noahcomedy. Enjoy! He does real good... I mean well... FUCK.

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This week we have the delight Chella Negro of Denver band Chella and the Charm. Chella joins us to talk about the release of the bands new album and to, of course, help us tackle that crazy love shit. This week we discuss a real life Polyamory inquiry and discuss what you should and shouldn't be wearing during sex. Check out the new album by Chella and the Charm and follow Chella on twitter @chellanegro. Enjoy!

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This week episode features Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald (Animal Planet, Kimmel) who talks to us about being an older guy in the dating scene, about what we can learn about love from animals and gives us not one, but TWO of the quite possibly the sweetest obscure sexual fantasies for this weeks segment. We also learn a little about love on the road and get some brief wise words from the mouth of Willy Nelson. Enjoy love from the one and only Dr. Kev, everyone!

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