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This week we have Denver staple Jake Browne! Jake is co-creator of Uncalled Four, The Worst Bar Game and The Worst Game, Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast, Hemp Box and writer for The Cannabist! But most of all he is a man with a heart (we think)! On this episode we talk about the best way to go in for a first kiss, we talk about approaching a co-worker when interested romantically and we play a very revealing game of Marry-Fuck-Kill. This episode has it all! Find Jake on Facebook and on Twitter @FakeJakeBrowne! 

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This week on Empty Girlfriend we have the Crush Master, himself, David Gborie! Dave is an LA comic by way of San Fran. Dave is a huge favorite of the Denver comedy scene as well and it turns out one of our biggest fans of EG! This week we talk about getting your S.O. alone, late night "Miss You" texts, and how to get your family to stop buying you shit you don't want for Christmas. Follow David Gborie on twitter @thegissilent and catch him all month of December in Denver! Enjoy!

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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we have Denver Comedy newbie Bethany Hernandez! We sit down with the very hilarious BNandezz to talk about not letting guys believe they are funny if they are not. We talk about drug use faux pas and the first date merits of a Chipotle! Follow Bethany on twitter @Bnendezz and enjoy this little sweet baby!

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This week we bring you a very special episode from our week at Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans! We have a special guest host Emily Oprish! We also have guest from Austin Katie Stone (@KatieStone42) and Ella Gale (@hellakale), hosts of the awesome live relationship comedy show Naughty Bits! We also have Chicago bathroom sweetheart Dave Losso (@davelosso), co-host of Yeah Buddy and Best Night Ever in Chicago. This week we talk about sex-crying, bathroom love, and the first EG inspired engagement rather than break-up. The curse is broken! Kisses! 

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  • Today we talk with Denver favorite Phil Palisoul on the adventures of love. This episode has no shortage of metaphors to fit any relationship and ultimately we answer the question of “what would love do?” Phil is one of the most qualified professionals we’ve had on EG and we cover a lot. So strap in, babies!! You follow Phil on twitter @philpalforshort and catch him at Comedy Works year round! Enjoy! This is a good one!
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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend Christie is on the road in Chicago and sits down with Chicago producer extraordinaire Sam Ash McHale and Chicago based comedian Sean White. We talk about trying to balance a relationship with the biz and the symptoms of a fading marriage. You can follow Sam on twitter @sam_ash and see her show Best Night Ever on the first and third Monday's of each month at GMan Tavern in Chicago. Also, check out Sean White's new album Dead and Gone on iTunes and follow him on twitter @SeanWhiteComedy and check seanwhitecomedy.com for upcoming shows! Enjoy!

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This week we have the infamous sweetheart that you EG listeners already know & love, and God knows Denver Comedy (stand-up & improv) has become head over heals enchanted with, we have THE one & only Corey Rhoads! Corey & Haley tell the weird, adorable tale of their young High School romance at Arvada High School and book-end it with the bro-mances he's experienced while entering the Denver Stand-Up world. Follow him on Twitter at @Corey_Rhoads and makes sure to catch his sketch group, The Agency for hilarious online shorts & dope comedy shows! We love you more than anyone else ever will!

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Whoa! This week we have two special guests from Chicago Tyler Jackson and Danny Maupin. They run one of our favorite live comedy shows NATIONWIDE called Late Late Breakfast. EG talks with the guys about the crazy antics of their show and the status of their tour around America. Of course we get to the gushy stuff but we really encourage you to check out Late Late Breakfast if you ever get the chance! Follow Danny and Tyler on twitter @dannymaupin and @tylerjaxkson and keep up with the show on Facebook. Enjoy!

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Whoa it's been a minute but Empty Girlfriend is back! This week we have fresh face Denver comedian Meaghan Shaha in the podcastuaria. We discuss the perils of Tinder dating, the dangers of dating your boss and of course we delve into what boys like...besides us. Check out Meaghan all around town and on Tinder @meaghanshaha. It's good to be back! We missed you! Enjoy!

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@marawiles @theums @kittycrimes @safeboating Live episode from the Underground Music Festival in Denver, Colorado. Featuring Leighton Peterson from Safe Boating is No Accident, and Maria Kohler and Genny Patterson from Kitty Crimes. With special guest host Mara Wiles! Enjoy!

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This week we have our heart stolen by the Welcome to Denver Podcast's own, Cory Helie! Cory is going to be a newly wedded man very soon and we wanted to get the scoop, so good ol' Helie ended up giving up a triple scoop in a waffle cone because he's a helluvah guy! We talk about his first date with his fiance and his amazingly adorable proposal and also talk the tough topics like what to do when your dad catches you J-ing off. Make sure to follow Cory on Twitter at @CoryHelie and check out his award winning podcast, Welcome to Denver at sexpotcomedy.com & welcometodenverpodcast.com
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This week Empty Girlfriend brings you a wonderful sweetheart with that sweet & smooth radio voice we all love & adore, Miss Jessi Whitten of Open Air Colorado Public Radio! We chat with Jessi about how she met her College sweetheart (Scott Carney, also of Open Air) working in radio back at CU Boulder & how they've been together ever since -- easy peazy. Make sure you tune into Open Air at 102.3 FM or you can live steam if you don't have radio at www.cpr.org and make sure to follow Jessi on Twitter @JessiOnAir! Listen up! This is another REAL LIFE 100% TRUE love story coming from one of the hosts of the Colorado radio station with our favorite music. C'mon! We love you weirdos!!

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This week we delve deep into the heart of the unbelievably hilarious Denver comic & aspiring cat-owner, Aaron Urist! We talk about how to show a lady you care, whether or not your woman is actually a woman (or a dog), and just straight up how to give a shit. You can catch Aaron performing and hosting at Comedy Works downtown as well all over the Denver comedy scene and at his monthly comedy show Crush City the last Sunday of every month at The Savoy, $7 at 7pm. Also follow him on Twitter at @AaronUrist. Enjoy!

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This week we have Denver's favorite bar tender & legendary ladies man, Cam Omlid! Cam has worked at bars and around comedy open mics throughout Denver such as The Squire, the Matchbox and the Lion's Lair throughout his life and knows a thing or two about life & love. We had a wonderful time with this sweetheart & we know you will too!

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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we have Denver comedian Zac Maas! We talk to Zac about his new show No Holds Bar, how to to hustle this comedy game, and how to survive a night in Red Wood Forest. We also talk about sharing social media accounts and the silent killer of all cat ladies everywhere toxoplasmosis. Check out Zac on twitter @maascomedy and check out the finals of his show Uncalled Four this Friday at the Oriental where Christie will be competing to become "The Worst". Enjoy!

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This week Empty Girlfriend brings you the ever so charming, dashing & debonair, hustling comedy hottie Anthony Crawford! He's a sweet & sexy open book and he shares with us stories of his swinging days as well as how he gets his swag on nowadays. We also get into female expectations of men and tackle the issue of mid-night poop attacks. Listen up! We won't let you down EG-effers!

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Your favorite Empty Girlfriends are BACK this week! From the Mile High city to LALA Land we're bringing our weird, confused love bird songs to your sweet, gentle eardrums once again. We talk long distance relationship tips & give the scoop on how to really keep that flame going. Listen up! The romance has only just begun.

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This week Empty Girlfriend brings you another compilation of our favorite segment Obscure Sexual Fantasies. On this episode we feature Steve Agyei (Comedy Works), Harper Phillips, Mike Marchant, Sam Tallent (Fine Gentleman's Club) and Ben Roy (Grawlix, Montreal JFL, Those Who Can't). Enjoy the sexy weird fun!

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On this week's episode we have the ever so charming, frighteningly hilarious, whimsical genius of Jordan Doll! We get into the mysterious & terrifying world of cat-fishing, we myth-bust turning into a witch when you turn 30 (if you're still a virgin) and Christie & Jordan chit-chat about their romantic history and what they learned about dating each other & dating in the comedy scene overall. Check out Jordan & updates on his incredible comedy on his website jordandoll.squarespace.com and follow him on Twitter & Instagram @RazorLou Enjoy!

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On this weeks episode of EG we bid adieu to a Denver favorite, Chris Charpentier. In this episode Chris and Haley talk about the upcoming move to LA. They talk about their first date where they discussed LA. We also talk to Chris about previous loves and Christie spends the entire episode trying not to cry. Check out Chris this week at Too Much Fun at the Deer Pile where he will headline and we will send him off with a bang. Following Chris on twitter and instagram @charpiecomedy. Enjoy! 

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This week we have one of our best pals in the whole world with a heart made a pure weird gold, Erik Anker! Eric is a standup comedian and writer from Alaska, who currently moved to Boston by way of Denver and St. Louis. He has a lovely gal-pal back home & he knows a lot about staying on the same wave-length romantically. He also has an amazing laugh. Listen up, this is a fun one! www.erikanker.com Twitter/Instagram/Vine: @erikforserious
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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we have our first photographer and new Chicago based friend Jillian Powers. We talk to Jillian about her visit to Denver, and her creative baby the body positive campaign she started called "I Woke Up Like This". Jillian talks about the inception of the project and we talk about the shoot we completed that morning. Then of course we get to helping our sweet empty girlfriends of the world. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out Jillian's project at www.iwultproject.com and support body positivity campaigns everywhere! Enjoy!

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We have a road-isode for you this week lovely Empty GFers! That's right, we recorded this golden audio heading out of Vegas & into Haley's new home, Los Angeles. Hop in the car with us as we chat about the emotional roller coaster of experiencing huge life transitions, as well as discuss & answer the top 15 questions to ask on a first date. And don't be scared! We are going to continue Empty Girlfriend from Cali to Colo with just as much love & weird guttural noises.

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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we have the heart of Denver Comedy joining us to talk about love and comedy. Adam Cayton-Holland gives us the skinny on the up-coming shoot for the Grawlix tv show “Those Who Can’t” and we talk about his transition to LA. We also get the deets on his recent engagement and talk about our shared love for his wonderful fiancé. Listen up to learn how to make friends (hint: we still don’t know how). Check out Adam’s upcoming show schedule on his website adamisfreakingoutrightnow.com and follow him on twitter @CaytonHolland and come to the release party for his new comedy album, “Backyards”,  Friday April 10th at Twist & Shout!  


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This week we have the Nebraska born & bred, pop-culture extraordinaire, Denver comedy favorite, Kevin O'Brien! This episode continues the epic love story that Mara Wiles tells on her EG episode. We talk about pro-active fighting in relationships, learning to communicate & how to make a power-couple function on the day-to-day. Catch more of Kevin on his award winning podcast These Things Matter with Taylor Gonda as well as his monthly comedy debate show Arguments & Grievances and all over the Denver comedy scene including Comedy Works, Too Much Fun, Mile High Sci-Fi, and more. Twitter handle: @kevobrien thesethingsmatterpodcast.com
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We have an extra adorable episode for you today, EGFers! This week we lured our first full-time improviser & actor into our Podcastuary, Mister Chris Woolf! He tells us his story of succumbing to his passions for live performance, how we subconsciously sabotage relationships and why Chris’s best friend had to die in his grade-school obscure sexual fantasy in order to get the girl. We also brought in two extra special guests on this episode in order to answer an extra difficult question about the complicated world of Tinder colliding with girl-code. Follow Chris on Twitter at @funnywoolf1 and catch him at the Denver Performing Arts Center at the Jones theater on May 8th for his long-form entirely improvised show, Cult Following!

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On this weeks episode we have Denver comedian and writer for the Westword Byron Graham joining us for some romance and bitterness. We talk about the perfect/worst marriage proposals, magical nights with strangers, and the invasiveness of giving a blow-job. You can follow Byron on twitter @ByronFG and enjoy his comedy all around town. Enjoy! This is a fun one. 

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This week we get swept away by an inspirational love story with the hilarious Denver-based stand-up comedian, sketch-artist & improviser, Mara Wiles! She performs regularly at Comedy Works Denver and has trained with the Impulse Theater improv troupe. She also won best comic at the 2011 Laugh Tracks Comedy Festival and performs in & runs several shows all over town such as The Buddy! Buddy! Sketch show, The Great Shake ‘Em Ups and Sex & the Witty. In her episode we get to talking about when we’ve said & have been told “I love you”, how & when we lost our V-Cards, what it’s like being the best-friend vs the girl-friend type of girl and more. Check out her website at marawiles.com & follow her on Twitter at @MaraWiles. Enjoy!

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In this week's episode we got REAL-real with Denver's most charmingly inappropriate Comedian, the one & only Brent Gill. We get into the juicy details of trust issues, sex-toy accidents, Brent's black baby & much more. Brent is a house comic & Comedy Works, was a feature at the High Plains Comedy Festival and runs & hosts a show at Comedy works called, InFAUXmation! as well as The Boulder Comedy show at the Boulder Biergarten every Sunday. Follow him on Twitter at @BTGcomedy

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This week's episode is so hot you'll be sure to burn the roof of mouth your on it! But in a sexy way. That's right, it's the Empty Gal-Entine's Day Live Recording!! We brought in four very special guests to talk love, sex & relationships including the very funny Janae Burris (@negativenegro), Hippieman (@HippiemansPlan), Josh Blue (@joshbluecomedy) and a REAL couples counselor, Meagan Terry. We also feature Malkah Duprix & Michael King playing our theme music live! And not only did we have a blast recording at the Savvoy, we also raised $550 for The Gathering Place with our amazing raffle donations. We also got some kickass EG t-shirts made by our sponsor, Your Art Department. Hit us up for our brand spankin' new merch & check them out at www.yourartdepartment.com. Enjoy us live! We love you & appreciate your support infinitely!
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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we bring you a compilation of our favorite segment Obscure Sexual Fantasies! We bring you clips of some of our early guest including Elliot Woolsey, Jodee Champion, Jason Hoke, Nathan Lund and Ben Kronberg. We are also excited to announce a new sponser Your Art Department who are creating some bad-ass merch that will be available soon! Check them out at www.yourartdepartment.com! Enjoy the sexiness!

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This week join Empty Girlfriend as we explore the heart & mind of Erin Rollman, an "intimidatingly" talented woman who has spent nearly her entire professional life as a member of the truly incredible Denver theater company, Buntport. We discuss the ways in which marriage is a societal construct, the fulfilling roles of friendships versus romantic relationships and unwanted match-making when you're almost 40 and shockingly still single. Check out www.buntport.com and keep up with the wonderful productions Erin helps run and performs in at Burntport Theater.
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In this episode of Empty Girlfriend we have Denver Best Friend Sean Patton (Comedy Central). We discuss how to stand up for yourself in a shitty relationship. We discuss the first jobs and long distance relationships. We also delve into the emotional roller coaster that is Toy Story 3. Enjoy this episode with America's Sweetheart and check out Sean Patton on twitter @mrseanpatton and at  http://seanoliverpatton.com/.

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We lured another member of the Fine Gentleman's Club into the Empty Girlfriend Podcast dungeon this week, bad boy Bobby Crane! Join us as we take a delightful journey into the layers of Bobby's sweet heart & discover just how open & romantic he really is. You can catch his comedy every Wednesday at Too Much Fun! 10:30pm at the Deer Pile, above City O' City in Capitol Hill & follow him at @bobbycrane on Twitter & Instagram.

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On this weeks episode we have local artist and business owner Adam Sikorski. This episode has almost everything you could want, awkward call-outs for collegiate sexual encounters, the Cambodian Frank Sinatra, and style tips on how to crush wearing a fox fur. We also tackle tough subjects like how to chill the fuck out when you start a new relationship and how to deal with an annoying co-worker. You guys can and should check out Adam Sikorski's Coloradical brand on his store on Colfax or at the website http://www.coloradicalshirts.com/collections/all. Enjoy the episode and have a good week!

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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we have America's Sweetheart, Andy Sell. Dropping into the podcastuary we talk about when it's time to narc on a friend, how to ruin someones, life and we discuss the appropriate time period for exchanging belongings with an ex! Empty Girlfriend love's Andy Sell and you will too! Follow Andy on twitter @Andy_Sell. Enjoy!

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On this week's episode we have the Colorado-raised & LA based comedian and Twitter super-star, Amber Tozer! We get into the correct time-period for labeling "girlfriend" & "boyfriend" and fun relationship exit-strategies. Amber writes for LAUGHSPIN, has a web series called NitWitsTV & has appeared on Last Comic Standing. Enjoy & follow her at @AmberTozer

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