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This week we have the Nebraska born & bred, pop-culture extraordinaire, Denver comedy favorite, Kevin O'Brien! This episode continues the epic love story that Mara Wiles tells on her EG episode. We talk about pro-active fighting in relationships, learning to communicate & how to make a power-couple function on the day-to-day. Catch more of Kevin on his award winning podcast These Things Matter with Taylor Gonda as well as his monthly comedy debate show Arguments & Grievances and all over the Denver comedy scene including Comedy Works, Too Much Fun, Mile High Sci-Fi, and more. Twitter handle: @kevobrien thesethingsmatterpodcast.com
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We have an extra adorable episode for you today, EGFers! This week we lured our first full-time improviser & actor into our Podcastuary, Mister Chris Woolf! He tells us his story of succumbing to his passions for live performance, how we subconsciously sabotage relationships and why Chris’s best friend had to die in his grade-school obscure sexual fantasy in order to get the girl. We also brought in two extra special guests on this episode in order to answer an extra difficult question about the complicated world of Tinder colliding with girl-code. Follow Chris on Twitter at @funnywoolf1 and catch him at the Denver Performing Arts Center at the Jones theater on May 8th for his long-form entirely improvised show, Cult Following!

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On this weeks episode we have Denver comedian and writer for the Westword Byron Graham joining us for some romance and bitterness. We talk about the perfect/worst marriage proposals, magical nights with strangers, and the invasiveness of giving a blow-job. You can follow Byron on twitter @ByronFG and enjoy his comedy all around town. Enjoy! This is a fun one. 

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This week we get swept away by an inspirational love story with the hilarious Denver-based stand-up comedian, sketch-artist & improviser, Mara Wiles! She performs regularly at Comedy Works Denver and has trained with the Impulse Theater improv troupe. She also won best comic at the 2011 Laugh Tracks Comedy Festival and performs in & runs several shows all over town such as The Buddy! Buddy! Sketch show, The Great Shake ‘Em Ups and Sex & the Witty. In her episode we get to talking about when we’ve said & have been told “I love you”, how & when we lost our V-Cards, what it’s like being the best-friend vs the girl-friend type of girl and more. Check out her website at marawiles.com & follow her on Twitter at @MaraWiles. Enjoy!

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In this week's episode we got REAL-real with Denver's most charmingly inappropriate Comedian, the one & only Brent Gill. We get into the juicy details of trust issues, sex-toy accidents, Brent's black baby & much more. Brent is a house comic & Comedy Works, was a feature at the High Plains Comedy Festival and runs & hosts a show at Comedy works called, InFAUXmation! as well as The Boulder Comedy show at the Boulder Biergarten every Sunday. Follow him on Twitter at @BTGcomedy

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