Empty Girlfriend
There's no way to prepare you for this week's episode, Empty Gals n' Guys...we took a journey into the deepest depths of emptiness with our guest & she saved us by screaming FRIENDSHIP into the void! Katie Low Strandberg is a phenomenal L.A. comedian and the beacon of light & joy that will rescue your heart. We venture into the intricate world of co-dependence & how to give & give and GIVE 'till it's all GONE with Miss Low. It only gets sillier & sillier from there. Follow Katie on Instagram & Twitter at @ktlowstrandberg & catch her mind-blowing one-woman show "Co-Dependence Day" next time she tours L.A.! Enjoy lovers & friends!
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Prepare to free your mind & unleash your libedo on this week's tantalizing episode with Miles K Stenehjem! Miles is a hilarious Los Angeles based comedian via San Francisco who's TV show pilot 'Roygbiu' just got SOLD. HELL YES! This week we discuss the value of therapy & perspective for all genders, the weird & wonderful ways we all lead each other on (intentionally or not), and the cultural restraints of expressing love and connecting through sexuality. Follow Miles on Twitter, instagram & snapchat at @NotMilesK and look out for his Super Deluxe pilot! This kid's gonna be BIG baby! HOLLYWOOD BIG!!!

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We're going to break your heart open so you can finally taste the sweet piƱata candies of true love this week with our wonderful, oh so sweet guest, the hilarious L.A. comedian Eric Dadourian! We get in deep with discussing the raging libedos & insatiable heartaches of our younger selves, the tricky sticky traps involved with being a serial monogamist, and what it means to be a service-dog lover. Follow this sweet baby on Twitter & instagram at @ericdadourian and catch his comedy as we travels the United States, sharing his joy with the world.

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