Empty Girlfriend (comedy)

This week we bring you another compilation of our favorite segment Obscure Sexual Fantasies with some of our favorite past guests! This episode features an OSF from Justine Marino (@JustineMachine), Greg Baumhauer (@GBaumhauer), Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Amber Tozer (@ambertozer) check out her new book Sober Stick Figure here, and Adrian Mesa (@mesadilla)! If you haven't listened to EG before this is a great place to start! Be careful, might be too sexy.


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Episode 83: Clare O'Kane

This week we have LA sweetheart, and Denver favorite Clare O'Kane! We discuss how to survive and stay positive in a new city and we discuss the C-word at LENGTH. You can check out Clare on twitter @babysfirstgun and on the first season of Flophouse on Viceland. Check out Clare's upcoming shows on her website. Enjoy Clare, we do! 


We take care of your emotional questions but check out our sponsors latitudefinancialatemptygirlfriend.com to get all your money questions answered! 

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This week we have the wonderful/amazing/sensual Matthew Blood-Smyth! He's an old friend of ours and the majority of our previous guests, and we got into the NASTIEST of nasties in this episode. We discuss what you should do when your partner can't sleep in the same bed as you, what it's like to love in a murdery way, love languages in different languages, exploring Polyamory and Matthew delivers the heartiest obscure sexual fantasy yet. He's in Wide Eyed Productions show, "theMumblings," a dark comedy by Dan Kitrosser, directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann, playing until October 8th! Matthew's one of the most talented actors we know, and one of the sexiest voices we've had on the Podcast yet. Enjoy this sweet, sexy baby listeners!

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Christie & Haley have come a loooooong way with their Love & Relationships Podcast Empty Girlfriend, but they've come even further with their LOVE connection. It's said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that's exactly what happened when Haley moved to Los Angeles about 2 years ago, leaving Christie in Denver, CO. The Empty Gals have had to work on their long-distance romance skills, and although it's been no walk in the park, they've managed to let their hearts get fonder and fonder until they've become what they are now; a smoldering globule of one, unified heart blob. This is a compilation episode of all the new L.A. friends Haley and Christie have made along the long & windy road of their friendship via this podcast. We start with the last EGF in the Colorado Podcastuary with Chris Charpentier, then we follow Christie & Haley through Vegas while moving Haley to Hollywood, and feature wonderful L.A comedian guests Madison Davis, Darrell Dibler, Danielle Perez, Madison Shepard, Olivia Haidar, Kate Lindstet, Caitlin Gill, Rachele Friedland, James Fritz, Eric Dadourian, Miles K. Stenehjem and Katie Low Standberg. Enjoy EGF'ers! We live for you! And we love for ALL!! Thank you so much, everybody. <3

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In honor of our friend Jordan Wieleba who we will miss very much we decided to re-release her episode this week. This was our third episode ever recorded and our most listened to EG. Ironically, or maybe poetically, this is also the episode we were remembering Robin Williams at his passing. Thank you for taking the time to get to know an amazing person. 

Notes: We mentioned a song written for Jordan in our intro. That song can be heard here

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Earth Angel by The Penguins

Trans Soul Rebel by Against Me

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The Empty Gals took a brief break, but that doesn't mean we've BROKEN UP! NEVER! We're back and firing on ALL love cylinders with our amazing guest, the one and only, John Novosad. Though most of us know him as, HIPPIEMAN! We got to chat with this beloved Comedy Works headliner, and cherished Boulder comedy guru about the intricasies involved with the expectations of marriage, keeping that long distance love connection going during road comedy touring, dealing with divorce, and the H-Man delivers another incredible Obscure Sexual Fantasy which trumps his seemingly untrumpable Obscure Sexual Fantasty from last year's Live Empty Girlfriend recording. Hippieman has won several Comedy comeptitions and has appeared on National Television on shows like The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Fall in love with him & catch him at the Comedy Works or the Boulder Comedy show sometime, he's the BEST. Twitter: @HippiemansPlan, website: hippieman.com



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There's no way to prepare you for this week's episode, Empty Gals n' Guys...we took a journey into the deepest depths of emptiness with our guest & she saved us by screaming FRIENDSHIP into the void! Katie Low Strandberg is a phenomenal L.A. comedian and the beacon of light & joy that will rescue your heart. We venture into the intricate world of co-dependence & how to give & give and GIVE 'till it's all GONE with Miss Low. It only gets sillier & sillier from there. Follow Katie on Instagram & Twitter at @ktlowstrandberg & catch her mind-blowing one-woman show "Co-Dependence Day" next time she tours L.A.! Enjoy lovers & friends!
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Prepare to free your mind & unleash your libedo on this week's tantalizing episode with Miles K Stenehjem! Miles is a hilarious Los Angeles based comedian via San Francisco who's TV show pilot 'Roygbiu' just got SOLD. HELL YES! This week we discuss the value of therapy & perspective for all genders, the weird & wonderful ways we all lead each other on (intentionally or not), and the cultural restraints of expressing love and connecting through sexuality. Follow Miles on Twitter, instagram & snapchat at @NotMilesK and look out for his Super Deluxe pilot! This kid's gonna be BIG baby! HOLLYWOOD BIG!!!

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We're going to break your heart open so you can finally taste the sweet piƱata candies of true love this week with our wonderful, oh so sweet guest, the hilarious L.A. comedian Eric Dadourian! We get in deep with discussing the raging libedos & insatiable heartaches of our younger selves, the tricky sticky traps involved with being a serial monogamist, and what it means to be a service-dog lover. Follow this sweet baby on Twitter & instagram at @ericdadourian and catch his comedy as we travels the United States, sharing his joy with the world.

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Is your heart aching for a giggle and a romantic sigh? Well we've got JUST what you're yearning for with our favorite teddy bear, lady lover man, comic genius James Fritz! We were beyond delighted to explore Mister Fritz's Empty Gal nature & he was BEYOND delightful. We'd invite him back to the EGF sleep-over ANY time because he took us on an unforgettable rollercoaster of vulnerability <3 Follow his incredible comedy at @fritzisdead on instagram at @jamesfritzcomic & make sure to catch one of his shows in L.A. or when he's touring in a city near you!

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