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This week's episode is so hot you'll be sure to burn the roof of mouth your on it! But in a sexy way. That's right, it's the Empty Gal-Entine's Day Live Recording!! We brought in four very special guests to talk love, sex & relationships including the very funny Janae Burris (@negativenegro), Hippieman (@HippiemansPlan), Josh Blue (@joshbluecomedy) and a REAL couples counselor, Meagan Terry. We also feature Malkah Duprix & Michael King playing our theme music live! And not only did we have a blast recording at the Savvoy, we also raised $550 for The Gathering Place with our amazing raffle donations. We also got some kickass EG t-shirts made by our sponsor, Your Art Department. Hit us up for our brand spankin' new merch & check them out at www.yourartdepartment.com. Enjoy us live! We love you & appreciate your support infinitely!
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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we bring you a compilation of our favorite segment Obscure Sexual Fantasies! We bring you clips of some of our early guest including Elliot Woolsey, Jodee Champion, Jason Hoke, Nathan Lund and Ben Kronberg. We are also excited to announce a new sponser Your Art Department who are creating some bad-ass merch that will be available soon! Check them out at www.yourartdepartment.com! Enjoy the sexiness!

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This week join Empty Girlfriend as we explore the heart & mind of Erin Rollman, an "intimidatingly" talented woman who has spent nearly her entire professional life as a member of the truly incredible Denver theater company, Buntport. We discuss the ways in which marriage is a societal construct, the fulfilling roles of friendships versus romantic relationships and unwanted match-making when you're almost 40 and shockingly still single. Check out www.buntport.com and keep up with the wonderful productions Erin helps run and performs in at Burntport Theater.
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In this episode of Empty Girlfriend we have Denver Best Friend Sean Patton (Comedy Central). We discuss how to stand up for yourself in a shitty relationship. We discuss the first jobs and long distance relationships. We also delve into the emotional roller coaster that is Toy Story 3. Enjoy this episode with America's Sweetheart and check out Sean Patton on twitter @mrseanpatton and at  http://seanoliverpatton.com/.

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