Empty Girlfriend (comedy)

On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we have a very special guest Jason Hoke, drummer from Denver-Famous band The Epilogues. We talk about getting high on life and how to be a polite rapist! Check out The Epilogues and facebook.com/epilogues band or @theepilogues on Twitter.

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In this weeks episode we had the delightful Nathan Lund join us in the Podcastuary. We talk about serial monogamy, public boners, and sweet and salty boob flavors. Nathan Lund is a part of Denver comedy group the Fine Gentleman's Club and has been featured on the cover of the Westword. You can see him at his weekly show Too Much Fun at the Deer Pile and @nathanlund on twitter. Enjoy the episode, live life laughing!

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In this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we talk to Denver comedian Jodee Champion on the eve of her wedding. We talk about how to find happiness (yes it can happen to a comedian!) and we give her wedding advice because, of course, we are experts. This week's episode also marks the return of Gwedolyn/Gertrude (we can't remember) our resident astrologist/psychic. This week's episode also marks the return of our favorite segment Obscure Sexual Fantasies. It get's REAL real. Enjoy!

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In this week's episode with Denver Comedian Kristin Rand we talk about how to break up with your dad, what an acceptable "white girl" tattoo is, and what dreaming about Drake really means. Check Kristin out on twitter @krandomthoughts as well as in her sketch comedy group Moxie! Enjoy, have fun, get fucked.

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On this weeks episode of Empty Girlfriend we talk with Jordan Wieleba, possibly Denver's emptiest girlfiend. We have a candid conversation about the struggles of transgendered life/comedy and we love her for sharing and being so honest. We also tackle the tough topic of how to kiss! Enjoy babies!!!

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In the second installment of Empty Girlfriend we have the heart of Denver in man form Andy Juett. We talk to him about his work in the Denver comedy scene and also help a Capricorn catch her Pisces boyfriend. Check out the website for Highplains Comedy Festival and come party! http://highplainscomedyfestival.com/


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The first episode of Empty Girlfriend features hilarious comedy Elliot Woolsey. Denver's own gentle giant helps us answer tough love questions like how to win a woman's heart and how to craft the perfect love letter to woo your woman. Follow Elliot on twitter @elliotwoolsey, he's as wonderful as he is tall!

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